Payment systems

All ZVIZZER payment systems are 100% secure and manage the data in an encrypted manner. ZVIZZER does not know or store your card or account data in any database since all the operations are done on these platforms and these tell us if the payment has been made or not. The available payment methods are:

Bank transfer

If the bank transfer is selected as payment method, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your order indicating the necessary information to make the bank transfer in the name of JOSÉ LUIS ANDRÉS GALLACH. It is very important to indicate in the subject "order no. Xxxx", as well as your name and surname, and make the transfer within a maximum period of seven days from the time the order is placed. The order will not be considered effective until we have bank confirmation of the transfer. In any case, to process the shipment in a more agile way and to contrast more quickly the information provided by our bank we recommend you send us by email, the proof of the transfer. Do not forget that you must make the payment in EUROS and that all possible exchange and bank commissions run on your own when opting for this payment system.

Credit card

The virtual POS is a device prepared to work in a totally safe way in the operation of sales through the Internet. All transactions made through the Virtual POS will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the participating agents: cardholders, their issuing entities and our business. The transactions will be carried out in real time, so that the authorization of the operation is communicated to the merchant and the customer at the time. Subsequently, the payment is made in the trade account. This system incorporates the latest e-commerce protocols developed by VISA and MasterCard, which are 3D Secure (Verified by Visa) and SPA / UCAF. These protocols allow identifying the buyer who uses his card as a means of payment in a virtual store. Previously, the card user will register with his bank.

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